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Discover How Smart Business Owners Are Saving On Their Energy Bills.

Bulk Energy brings group buying power to Australians, helping businesses like yours potentially save thousands every year in energy rates.

See how you can save.

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Partnering with Australian energy providers...

*Bulk Energy have engaged in brokerage agreements with the companies whose logos appear above, however we do not necessarily tender each individual customer to all energy retailers, and not all products will be available to all customers.

Helping residential, small business & commercial customers save on their energy bills.


Go Bulk and save at home, with the collective power of group buying! By joining with us for free, you become part of a larger buying group that energy retailers bid competitively to win. We do the heavy lifting comparing every detail of what the retailers offer, pitching them against one another to get you the cheapest energy at home.

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Commercial and Industrial

With the rising costs of electricity in Australia it’s vital that the correct energy procurement strategy is in place. With our unique management tool and personalised tendering, efficiency, and energy management consulting – Bulk Energy will take care of your commercial energy needs.

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Small Business (SME)

Australian SMEs have it tough when it comes to getting great rates on energy costs, and the retailers just aren’t interested in offering the best deals to individual businesses. When you join the group buying power of Bulk Energy we get their attention and make them bid competitively for all of the contracts, meaning you end up with the best deal possible. Best of all, we manage all of it for you!

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Join today and see how much you can save on your energy bills.

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Happy Customers

On more than one occasion I’ve been told I was paying too much for my energy bills. I was sure there was a cheaper deal but I didn't have the time to shop around. Then I found Bulk Energy and their unique approach to reducing my energy costs, and I decided to "Go Bulk" and join their movement. They were able to secure me an energy contract at rates I didn’t think were possible. So impressed with how much I’ve been able to save with zero fuss on my part.

Newcastle NSW

I can’t believe how quickly Bulk Energy got me a deal that saved over $1000 a year in energy bills and I barely had to lift a finger.

Bondi NSW

I had tried using traditional energy brokers before but I always felt the pressure of the sell and they had their own interests in mind. But with Bulk Energy and their "people power" approach to saving money on energy costs, I feel like I am talking to people who were keen to ensure I was saving money and getting the best deal. I haven’t experienced that service anywhere else. Very impressed.

Noosa QLD

Being a small business owner I am aware of where every dollar goes so when Bulk Energy was able to save me substantial amounts on my energy bill I was thrilled. Would highly recommend them.

Geelong VIC

I would definitely recommend Bulk Energy to any business owner, it's just not possible to find the sort of deals that they can get when we're banded together as a group. They’ve saved me more money than I thought possible.

Kent Town SA


Bulk Energy Blog

7 Apr 2017

Senate committee report calls for the end of coal-fired electricity in Australia

Coal-fired power is again a target in Australia following a Senate Committee report recommending that the country move away from coal-generated electricity entirely. The report – which comes about a month after an announcement... Read More

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