Energy Procurement

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What is energy procurement?

Energy procurement is the process of sourcing electricity and gas contracts for your business.

Sounds simple enough? It can be as easy as phoning a retailer and signing a deal. But with this approach, how do you know your business’s needs are truly being met?

Bulk Energy are your local electricity and gas brokers. We will assess and understand your business’s energy requirements, while closely monitoring the Australian energy market, and are here to provide independent, tailored advice on your contract. 

Perhaps most importantly, we’re here if you encounter any problems down the road. That’s one of the major benefits of having an independent advisor on your side — we’re always available to help resolve disputes.

We do this, while leveraging our relationships with the energy retailers, (we put through large volumes with all the major players), with the goal of helping you to secure a better deal than you would have obtained going to a retailer direct.

What factors should you consider?

To do energy procurement well, there are many factors to consider. Firstly, timing to market: Should I go now? Should I wait? Which direction is the market likely to move?

You should consider forward purchasing options and contract duration: How far ahead should you forward purchase? How long should I sign for?

For larger market, it’s critical to manage volume risk: What happens if I contract for an amount of energy and I fall short – or significantly exceed my usage

Of course, there’s pricing and service to think about, too: Which retailers are offering the best deals now? Where is my energy coming from? Will my service be reliable?

A great first step in the energy procurement process, is with Bulk Energy’s FREE bill check, please click the button to get started.

How does the energy procurement process work?

The energy procurement process starts with a detailed review of your business’s existing energy portfolio (including usage), and your risk profile.

Once we have an understanding of your requirements and deadlines, we’ll tailor a plan of action and discuss this with you. When you’re ready to proceed, it’s up to us to do the groundwork in terms of sourcing pricing and organising contracts – the goal is to save you time and money.

The energy procurement process varies slightly, depending on the size of your account, and this will be detailed in the next section.

If you’re on the borderline between tariff and large market, we can review both outcomes and provide an analysis. Of course, we can manage mixed portfolios with both C&I and SME sites as well, saving you valuable administrative time.

For SME (tariff) businesses

We’re all about creating group buying power. Our model is to take small businesses, form buying groups and negotiate with the retailers to secure pricing that may otherwise have been unattainable individually; we call it GO BULK™.

Bulk Energy is passionate about supporting Australian small businesses and providing them with the energy rates that had previously been reserved for the big boys.

Now, we are able to tender your business, along with others who share a similar energy profile, in a buying group. The higher the combined usage, the better the rates.

We create a competitive tender environment, whereby retailers must outbid each other for your business, effectively a “reverse auction” scenario.

For commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses

If your business uses more than 100MWh per annum of electricity, we use a Request for Proposal (RFP) strategy for energy procurement.

The first step is detailed communications with the retailers regarding your precise energy requirements.

As the retailers tender for your account, we compare and contrast their proposals down to the minute details of the terms and conditions.

From there, we explain your options and work up a shortlist of viable offers. And then we repeat this process over as many rounds as are necessary to customise a solution for your business.

Beyond procurement, we also provide comprehensive followup post-contract commencement to ensure you’re being invoiced correctly.

Why Bulk Energy is a great choice for energy procurement

Between electricity charges, network charges, market charges, environmental fees and market fees, it can be time consuming and downright difficult to make apple for apples comparisons between retailers.

Sometimes it seems the energy retailers make it deliberately difficult to compare offers…

Add market volatility into the mix, and delegating to an energy procurement specialist becomes an attractive option.

Whether you need to procure electricity or natural gas for your business, the team behind Bulk Energy have decades of experience in the energy industry, and are passionate about working with other Australian businesses to create win-win outcomes.

APSO saved $53,000 PA

27% of their energy bill

Bulk Energy approached Asian Pacific Serviced Offices (APSO) and asked to consolidate their energy account, which included 7 sites and 242 electricity meters.

After tendering to all the tier one and two energy retailers, we worked with APSO’s Operations Manager, Trevor Vandersluy, to select an offer that met the businesses’s needs perfectly.

Bulk Energy were able to secure an annual saving of over $53,000 for APSO, which represented a saving of about 27%. We also consolidated APSO’s billing, brining everything under one account.

We thought we were on a good deal from our existing retailer, but [Bulk Energy's] tender process certainly proved us wrong!

Trevor Vandersluy
Operations Manager
Asian Pacific Serviced Offices

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