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Bulk Energy offer complete energy solutions

We offer a full range of services

Bulk Energy are a full service electricity and gas broker; together our services form a complete energy management solution for your business. 

We are experienced in managing large market commercial and industrial (C&I) accounts, as well as small business (SME) tariff sites, and have numerous clients with mixed portfolios.

Our services generally commence with a detailed analysis of your business’s existing energy consumption, and review of your current contracts. 

This gives us a starting point from which we can discuss your expected future needs and desired outcomes in a meaningful fashion. This component of our service is completely free – both in terms of cost, and obligation to proceed.

If and when you’re ready to proceed, we move to the energy procurement stage. Our methods at this stage will vary depending on the size of your account. 

From procurements, to contracts and beyond

While our methods vary, our goal remains constant: To tailor a customised energy solution for your business, that meets all your requirements, including your budget.

Once all the negotiations with retailers are complete, we will take control of the paperwork, checking over your contracts and assisting you with respect to finalisation and execution.

But our services don’t end there. We want to make sure you’re happy with your new contracts. We’re here to check your energy invoices and ensure you’re being charged accordingly.

In the event that you have questions or concerns down the road, we’re your independent point of contact to help resolve any difficulties with your retailer, and will always advocate on your behalf.

During your contact, we can also assist with a variety of supporting services, such as energy management, onsite generation and even energy efficiency advice – please see a full list of our services, below.

Energy procurement

Energy procurement is the process of sourcing electricity and gas contracts for your business.

It starts with a detailed review of your business’s existing energy portfolio (including usage), and your risk profile.

Once we have an understanding of your requirements and deadlines, we’ll tailor a plan of action and discuss this with you. When you’re ready to proceed, it’s up to us to do the groundwork in terms of sourcing pricing and organising contracts – the goal is to save you time and money

The energy procurement process varies slightly, depending on the size of your account.

If you’re on the borderline between tariff and large market, we can review both outcomes and provide an analysis. Of course, we can manage mixed portfolios with both C&I and SME sites as well, saving you valuable administrative time.

We’re all about creating group buying power. 

Our model is to take small businesses, form buying groups and negotiate with the retailers to secure pricing that may otherwise have been unattainable individually; we call it GO BULK™.

Bulk Energy is passionate about supporting Australian small businesses and providing them with the energy rates that had previously been reserved for the big boys.

Now, we are able to tender your business, along with others who share a similar energy profile, in a buying group. The higher the combined usage, the better the rates.

We create a competitive tender environment, whereby retailers must outbid each other for your business, effectively a “reverse auction” scenario.

If your business uses more than 100MWh per annum of electricity, we use a Request for Proposal (RFP) strategy for energy procurement.

The first step is detailed communications with the retailers regarding your precise energy requirements.

As the retailers tender for your account, we compare and contrast their proposals down to the minute details of the terms and conditions.

From there, we explain your options and work up a shortlist of viable offers. And then we repeat this process over as many rounds as are necessary to customise a solution for your business.

Beyond procurement, we also provide comprehensive followup post-contract commencement to ensure you’re being invoiced correctly.

Energy efficiency advice

It’s always a good time to improve the energy efficiency of your business or home.

Everyone’s goals are different, but common examples include saving money to meet a budget, getting setup to generate electricity at your site, or even reducing your carbon footprint to zero.

In order to provide quality energy advice, it’s necessary to have a detailed understanding of your current energy usage, your goals and a good understanding of how the Australian energy industry works.

Quality advice is rarely generic, it should be tailored to your needs, and that’s where Bulk Energy comes in. As part of our energy procurement services, we offer a free energy assessment (free in terms of cost, and obligation to proceed). When you’re ready to get started, you can contact us here.

In the meantime, check out our Blog for some easy wins with respect to energy advice.

Energy management

Take control of your energy bills with Bulk Energy Management (BEM). 

Introducing the revolutionary way to independently monitor your exact energy usage and make intelligent changes to save your business significant money.

We organise a licensed electrical contractor to install monitoring hardware within your electricity switchboard. This provides information in realtime that estimates your true energy consumption.

This allows us to independently monitor your actual energy consumption versus what is shown on your retailer’s invoice (you may be surprised at the difference!).

We use your data to make recommendations on how your business can potentially change your energy consumption patterns, identify and repair faulty equipment, and generally save money on energy consumption or achieve a budget.

Get your FREE bill check.

The next step to saving on energy is Bulk Energy’s FREE bill check.
  • For residential we check: Your rates, whether you are on a standing or market offer, and we’ll also look for hidden fees.
  • For tariff bills we check: Your rates, the details of your offer, and whether you are paying any hidden fees.
  • For large market bills we check: Your electricity charges, network charges, market charges (including environmental fees and market fees), your contract end date and usage — and much more!
Are you ready to take control of your energy spend?