What is an Australian energy group?

We define an Australian energy group as a collection of small businesses from the same industry.
Bulk Energy are a fully independent Australian energy broker. Our business was established to help other small businesses save money on electricity and gas. Our point of difference is our Australian energy group model, where we take lots of small accounts and put them together to achieve an economy of scale. We call this process GO BULK™, and it’s a winner!
So far, we’ve formed buying groups in the following industries: Wine makers, owners corporation committees, pubs and clubs, caravan parks, hairdressers, chiropractors, and many more.
We’re forming new buying groups frequently, so it’s always a good time to get involved.

How the GO BULK™ process works

  • Registering your interest is really easy, simply send us a copy of a recent electricity invoice, which you can do using the form at the bottom of this page – we call it joining the movement!
  • We form an Australian energy group (buying group), typically with business in similar industries, or with similar usage, or who are located in the same area, then take this to the power companies for the best deal.
  • You’ll receive a summary of the best offers, along with a detailed comparison and recommendation.
  • If you’re happy to go ahead, we organise the paperwork for a new deal at your current retailer, or to switch you to a new retailer – with no interruption of service.

Australian energy group

We’ve put together some case studies to show how much we’ve saved other businesses, which also feature glowing recommendations of our service. As the Operations Manager of APSO (Asian Pacific Serviced Offices) said, “We thought we were on a good deal from our existing Retailer but [Bulk Energy’s] tender process certainly proved us wrong!”
It just goes to show, it’s always worthwhile testing the electricity market for a better deal – if you can’t save, you don’t have to switch. And if you do switch, there’s no cost to you, Bulk Energy are paid by the winning retailer.

What if I can’t wait?

Forming buying groups does take time, and sometimes you just need a great deal NOW! If that’s the case, Bulk Energy can still look after you; we monitor the National Energy Market (NEM) daily and have our finger on the pulse for the best deals.
We’re passionate about energy, and operate in the residential, small business and large market spaces Australia-wide, so whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered.