Navigating the Australian energy landscape

Energy is a key component of Australia’s economy and infrastructure. Australia boasts one of the largest mixed market economies in the world, and energy accounts for a relatively large portion of its $1.62 trillion gross domestic product (GDP). Australia also ranks within the top 20 energy-consuming countries in the world with an average household electricity usage of 5,817 kWh per year in 2014. Energy prices are also increasing due to factors such as inadequate regulations within the market and the rising costs of materials that help deliver energy Australia, such as poles and wires.
Australia’s high energy production and usage has provided fertile ground for dozens of energy companies in Australia to supply everything from general power to specialties such as renewable energy. So what does the future of energy look like in Australia? With so many energy options and companies vying for a piece of the pie, how do you ensure that you have access to the energy you want and enjoy the same competitive advantages and pricing as large companies and customer bases?

Bulk Energy is your roadmap

  • Energy is a big part of the Australian economy and infrastructure – there are many options when it comes to retailers and prices are continuing to increase.
  • You need someone who understands the market and is willing to work for you to find the solution that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget – enter Bulk Energy.
  • Looking for renewable energy? We can match you with a retailer who shares your values. Want the cheapest possible rates? We will find them for you.
  • We do the heavy lifting, you enjoy the big savings.

Australia’s energy future

Since 2010, Australia’s electricity demand has been consistently decreasing thanks to greater energy efficiency. But at the same time, power prices have been steadily rising, so the net result to consumers is that household electricity bills have, on average, neither increased nor decreased (check out our two-part blog series for more on the equalising factors within Australia’s energy demand).
This stalemate is not likely to continue – at the beginning of 2015 demand started to increase again, and Australia used more electricity than it had in the previous year. All indicators point to a continuation of this upward trend until 2020. In regards to renewable energy, while it is on the rise in Australia, the country still has a ways to go in order to catch up to some of the world’s leaders in green power. In 2015, the Abbott Government announced a system that aims to achieve 50% renewable energy by 2030. In comparison, 40% of Denmark’s electricity already comes from renewable sources and the country has set a goal of 100% by 2035.

Energy how you want it

For us at Bulk Energy, energy Australia represents our belief that all Australians should have access to the types of energy they wish to use at a price point that is affordable for their budget. If you’re looking for renewable energy, we can match you with a retailer who shares your values. If you want the cheapest possible rates, we will find them for you. How? We tear down the traditional barriers to cost savings that plague many energy customers. Specifically, we use our expertise in reading and interpreting invoices to look for hidden costs, which can add up to thousands of dollars per year – energy companies and other brokers put these costs in, but we take them out!
We monitor the market daily and determine the best timing to go to market in order to achieve cost savings for you. Most importantly, we form buying groups of customers and tender your electricity account to multiple retailers and create a competitive environment. We do the heavy lifting of comparing every detail of what various retailers offer and pitch them against one another to secure the cheapest energy rates for your home or business.