Gas Electricity – Bulk Energy can help you source a better deal on both! Electricity is our core business, and we service residential, small business, as well as large market clients Australia wide. However, thanks to our brokerage agreements with the majority of the Australian energy retailers, we can generally help with your gas supply too (although our coverage is slightly limited, compared to electricity).
As these case studies show, even if you think you’re getting a great deal on gas electricity from your current supplier, it’s always worth assessing to see if you could do better.

Who are Bulk Energy and what do we do?

  • Bulk Energy are a fully independent gas electricity broker based in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Our service is 100% free – we take your gas and/or electricity invoice as assess it for hidden fees and determine if you could get a better rate – we’re paid by the winning retailer if you switch.
  • We also form buying groups of similar businesses, to achieve economies of scale, and drive prices down with the retailer – we call this process GO BULK™.
  • We’ve helped hundreds of Australian businesses to save money on gas and electricity.

Your dedicated relationship manager

At Bulk Energy, we’re passionate about gas electricity, which is traded on the Australian Stock Exchange. Prices are always changing, and we monitor them daily. We also take the time to understand our customer’s energy consumption, in detail.
You will work with a dedicated relationship manager, whose job it is to take deep insights of the energy markets and combine these with a thorough understanding of your needs, to not only find you the best deal, but also advise on timing to market.

Gas electricity

Unlike energy comparison sites, gas and electricity are all that we do. This focus has several advantages for our customers. Firstly, you can be assured you’re receiving advice from an industry expert with years of experience. Secondly, we won’t hassle you to take up car, life and health insurance, or a new internet plan – all we do is energy!
Thirdly, our longterm relationships with the retailers mean that you can generally get a much better deal than going direct.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save on gas and electricity!

Get a better deal on gas and electricity:

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