Bulk Energy Case Studies

Check out our case studies to see why Bulk Energy's customers love us, and learn how we can save your business money on electricity and gas!

APSO saved $53,000 PA

27% of their energy bill

Bulk Energy approached Asian Pacific Serviced Offices (APSO) and asked to consolidate their energy account, which included 7 sites and 242 electricity meters. 

After tendering to all the tier one and two energy retailers, we worked with APSO’s Operations Manager, Trevor Vandersluy, to select an offer that met the businesses’s needs perfectly. 

Bulk Energy were able to secure an annual saving of over $53,000 for APSO, which represented a saving of about 27%. We also consolidated APSO’s billing, brining everything under one account. 

We thought we were on a good deal from our existing retailer, but [Bulk Energy's] tender process certainly proved us wrong!

Trevor Vandersluy
Operations Manager
Asian Pacific Serviced Offices
Royal Seymour Hotel Logo

There was no upfront commitment on our part... The result was amazing!

Paul Low & Leigh Bushnell
Owner Operators
Royal Hotel Seymour

Royal Hotel Seymour saved $12,900

Recently, we contacted Royal Hotel Seymour, one of the town’s oldest businesses, and asked to assess their electricity spend. 

Anton from Bulk Energy was confident he could find the hotel better rates than what they were paying, and tendered the account on a number of occasions over several months, until he got an offer he was satisfied with. 

With Leigh’s blessing, Anton locked these rates in for 12 months, with a view to repeat the process and try to get en even better deal in the medium term. 

Paul and Leigh were impressed with Anton’s tenacity and patience, both of which really paid off for them in this case.

FABAL Group Logo

FABAL are saving over $20,000

Food and Beverage Australia Limited (FABAL) were looking to reduce energy expenditure at their vineyards in Victoria and South Australia. 

Again, Anton was the star — analysing all 23 electricity accounts held by the group — he found an opportunity for major savings through consolidated billing. 

Group Manager Ian Grey was most impressed with Anton’s ability to secure a rate which would have been out of his reach had he gone to the energy retailers direct. 

I could not have negotiated the significant discounts [Bulk Energy] secured on our behalf.

Ian Grey
Group Manager
RSL Logo

I went to Bulk Energy, who tendered my account to the energy retailers, and came back with an offer... that will save my club about $24,000 per year.

John Dobel
Secretary & Manager
Gulgong RSL

Gulgong RSL saved $24,000

Gulgong RSL got in touch with Bulk Energy when their electricity contracts were due for renewal; they were seeking an independent opinion with respect to the market. 

We conducted a thorough assessment of the club’s energy profile, and used an Request for Proposal (RFP) strategy, tendering the account to best-fit retailers. 

Over a number of rounds, Bulk Energy were able to obtain a deal that met all the club’s requirements — including saving them money. 

Bulk Energy were delighted to help a not-for-profit save on energy, this one was a real win for the club’s members. 

Core Dental Logo

Core Dental Group saved $12,000

14% of their energy bill

Core Dental Group (CDG), a leading chain of dental clinics in Melbourne, approached Bulk Energy to see if they could nab a better deal on energy at their practices. 

Aleks at Bulk Energy assessed their accounts and negotiated with the retailers, responding with a choice of 2 strong offers. 

Thanks to Aleks, CDG enjoyed a trouble-free transition to a new retailer, and now benefit from consolidated billing across all their sites. 

Your thorough analysis of each retailer's recommendations has given me confidence that we have secured the best possible deal.

Hew Gibbs
Core Dental Group