Bulk Energy work with the majority of Australian energy suppliers. These companies are generally organised into three tiers, based on their size, with tier one being the largest. Here are some of the major players:

Tier One:

Tier Two:

Tier Three:

Should you use a broker or go direct? 

  • Consumers in Australia can always go direct to their energy suppliers, but there are several advantages to using an independent broker, such as Bulk Energy.
  • We have the best interests of our customers at heart; we work with most of the retailers, but are not loyal to any one retailer – so it’s all about getting you the best deal, no matter who it’s with.
  • Apart from helping you negotiate a great rate, we also match customer to the right retailer in other ways, such as commitment to renewable energy, or reputation for excellent customer service.
  • Energy is traded on the Australian Stock Exchange, and the landscape is always changing. We monitor the markets daily and understand what appetite the retailers have for certain customers.

What makes you tick?

At Bulk Energy, we respect that every customer is different. Fortunately, Australians have a large number of power companies to choose from, so it’s almost always possible to find the right match. Of course, price is a consideration, but there are also other factors to consider, such as commitment to renewable energy and the environment.
For some customers, great service is a big consideration, and some companies have better reputations than others in this regard. For the tech-minded among us, the decision might be made based on whose go the best portal or app to monitor usage. Whatever makes you tick, Bulk Energy can help put you in touch with the right retailer.

How are Australian energy suppliers regulated?

In Australia, the National Electricity Market (NEM) is governed by the National Electricity Rules (NER), which contains eligibility criteria for each participant (for example, the retailers), as well as detailed procedures for operation.
As part of Bulk Energy’s commitment to excellent customer service, we’re always here to act as a mediator between you and your retailer – don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re having a problem and we will endeavour to help you out.
Contact us today so we can find your perfect match power company!

Get a better deal on energy:

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Australian energy suppliers
Australian energy suppliers