Embedded networks

A positive return on your energy investment

What are embedded networks?

An embedded network is a supply arrangement or contract between a site owner(s) and an energy retailer through which the site owner or manager purchases electricity for the entire site and in turn, sells energy to the individual tenants within the site. 

Embedded networks are often mutually beneficial for both site owners and tenants as they allow for cheaper electricity for the tenants and offer the site owner an added revenue opportunity. 

Through an embedded network, the energy within a defined complex is essentially aggregated to a single metered point. 

Sub-meters then “measure each tenant’s individual energy consumption” to ensure they are billed correctly.

You can generate income at your site

We all need electricity to power the many systems, appliances and devices that we utilise each day — but have you ever looked at the energy you purchase as a potential revenue stream? 

Energy retailers and other providers make money on electricity – why not you, too? Embedded networks are the answer.

Embedded networks allow you to make money on the energy you purchase. How? By selling a portion of it to others. 

For example, if you own or manage a building or other site, through an embedded network, you can purchase electricity for the entire site and then sell energy to each individual tenant within the site. Interested in learning more? You came to the right place.

Does your property qualify?

According to Canstar Blue, an embedded network can be established “wherever electricity infrastructure is privately owned and managed.” 

Some examples include commercial or industrial properties, shopping enters and apartment complexes. Does your property fit the bill? 

Bulk Energy can help you determine if an embedded network is right for you and set you up to start making money through a supply arrangement that is a win-win for you and your tenants. 

We will manage the process and provide expertise every step of the way – from an initial site feasibility study to implementation and operational support.

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