The state of renewable energy in Australia.

In 2001 Australia implemented a policy to encourage large scale renewable energy development. It was called the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target. The target is set at 33 GWh by the year 2020.
To meet this more than 8000 megawatts (MW) of wind power and 2500 MW of solar power projects are either under construction or have planning approval.
The continued reduction of solar feed in tariffs around the country has slowed the PV solar industry down, but the renewable sector continues to grow. Wind and solar generation increased over 20% in 2015.

How Bulk Energy can help you go green

  • No Upfront costs. Bulk Energy is paid a commission by the winning retailer.
  • Work with a relationship manager who understands the renewable energy sector and how you can purchase green energy without paying extra.
  • Further understand your energy use with a detailed report analysing and advising you on your usage.

Renewable energy – looking ahead

Australia still has a long way to go, and we all have to take the initiative and help these industries along. There is massive potential for renewable energy in Australia and supporting the industry creates jobs and cuts greenhouse gas emissions. We have the second best energy production potential in the whole world. Let’s use it.

Working together

You can help make a renewable future possible by making a choice to buy renewable energy from retailers.
At Bulk Energy, we believe that generating renewable energy is everyone’s responsibility. We can help you find a retailer that shares these values and sells renewable energy. The carbon advantage is over. Bulk Energy can find you a retailer that fits your budget. It doesn’t have to cost more to go green.