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Bulk Energy are energy consultants; learn more about our unique business model here.

The story behind GO BULK™

Our team have been energy consultants for years. Every day, we pick up the phone, call our customers and say, “Would you mind sending me a copy of your electricity bill please?”.

Whether or not we get the electricity bill is a matter of life and death in this business.

When we get it, we can do our FREE bill check, where we analyse  your rates, network charges, renewal dates — and work out where to save you money.

When we don’t get the bill… We go hungry. 😢

Below: Yes, we’re a call centre. We look a lot like this bloke, but without the beard.

Energy Consultants, Man in a Call Centre


A day at the beach

Energy Consultants Stack of Paperwork on the Floor

Above: A pile of electricity bills… On the floor?!

So you can imagine our shock, when one day we were working away, and a customer sent in an invoice, and we were told, “That account is just too small”.

Where did this invoice end up? …on the floor!

Soon, a second invoice was placed on top of it, and another, and before long there was so much paperwork piled up around us we had a moment of insight:

Like grains of sand, these small accounts were being largely ignored by the retailers and brokers alike, but if you put them all together you had a day at the beach!

Who is Bulk Energy?

We’re a small, but hard-working bunch of energy nerds! You read that right: We’re passionate about the Australian energy market. We live and breathe spot prices, market news and energy efficiency — so you don’t have to.

Bulk Energy is a 100% Australian owned and operated energy broker, based in Melbourne but servicing the entire great southern land.

Right, but who are we exactly? …oh, so you want our names, bios, and profile photos? No worries, please click through to meet our team.

“But energy is SO b-o-r-i-n-g”, we hear you sigh. Maybe to you. But we keep it interesting with a unique point of difference: We form buying groups of similar businesses, creating economies of scale, and ask retailers to bid for your collective business. 

It’s called GO BULK™ and it can save you, big time.

We like to stand out from the crowd. For the right reasons.

When was Bulk Energy established?

After years of planning, Bulk Energy was established in 2014 on the idea of bringing group buying power to Australian consumers.

Before we registered our company, we spoke to the energy retailers, and asked for feedback on our business model — they loved it.

Our timing was excellent, because the tides were just starting to turn for Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) accounts. Retailers were beginning to have an appetite for tariff sites, and we were ready to deliver.

We’ve been delivering ever since. Collectively, the team at Bulk Energy have several decades of experience in the Australian energy industry and are continually exceeding customer expectations. (Check out our case studies page).

Our model puts long term customer satisfaction before profits: That’s why Bulk Energy is here to stay.

How is our model different?

We designed our business from the ground up to look after the little guys — small business (SME) accounts  we work off lower commission (but higher volumes) than many other brokers, and keep our overheads lean.

The nett result is there is no upfront cost for our service (we’re paid by the winning retailer), and we don’t build any hidden fees into your contract – in fact, we take these out.

Where possible, we form buying groups of similar businesses to actually drive electricity and gas prices down – we call this GO BULK™.

We’re genuinely independent; while we work with all the major energy retailers, we don’t have a bias towards any of them – we’ll simply recommend the best deal for you, every time.

Why choose Bulk Energy?

Bulk Energy is passionate about supporting Australian small businesses and providing them with the energy rates that had previously been reserved for the big boys.

Read more about our what we can do for tariff sites on our small business energy page.

Notwithstanding we established Bulk Energy to service small business, we’re also very well qualified to service commercial and industrial (C&I) accounts.

If your business uses more than 100MWh per annum of electricity, contact us for a free review of your current account – we’re great at finding hidden costs – and we can advise on timing to market, tendering, metering and monitoring. Bulk Energy really is a complete solution for large market energy accounts.

Where is Bulk Energy located?

Bulk Energy are based at Corporate One, 84 Hotham Street, Preston, Victoria.

We haven’t adopted the ultra-modern trend of outsourcing, so when you contact us, rest assured that you’re speaking to someone local and knowledgable. In an office. In Melbourne. 

Having said that, Bulk Energy provide an Australia-wide service. Most of our business comes from the National Energy Market (NEM) states and territories of NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, TAS, and the ACT and we frequently travel to meet with clients. 

If you do business with Bulk Energy, it’s highly likely you’ll be dealing with one of the partners (as we currently outnumber the employees). When it comes to accountability, we have the winning formula: Local, invested, and with a focus on long term relationships. 

Get your FREE bill check.

The next step to saving on energy is Bulk Energy’s FREE bill check.

  • For residential we check: Your rates, whether you are on a standing or market offer, and we’ll also look for hidden fees.
  • For tariff bills we check: Your rates, the details of your offer, and whether you are paying any hidden fees. 
  • For large market bills we check: Your electricity charges, network charges, market charges (including environmental fees and market fees), your contract end date and usage — and much more!
Are you ready to take control of your energy spend?