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Put your Dad/Mum hat on and get saving!

How many times have you been furious with your kids for not turning off the lights when they head to bed or leave the house? Is it them always having the computer on that sends you spare? What about when the TV is going in one room, the air-con is on in a totally different part of the house, and your teenagers have been standing in front of an open fridge pondering what leftovers to eat? And how much of this equates to higher energy costs?

If this lack of care and understanding of both the effect they are having on the environment, and the fact that you are paying the bills on their behalf with increased energy costs has the ability to send you around the twist at home, have you stopped and thought lately about how mindful your employees are (or perhaps aren’t) about the cost of energy and how this affects your businesses’ overall profitability?

Chances are you have been too busy running a small business in a tough economy to take time out and educate your employees on how to help you save money on your energy bills and how this can have a profound effect on your bottom line.

It can be tough to start a conversation about doing things differently at work when the status quo hasn’t been challenged for a long time. You may feel a bit awkward about addressing these things with your team and want to enlist the help of one of your team members to do this on your behalf. Believe us, there will be someone just itching to make procedural changes and they will be delighted to get the ball rolling (just make sure to keep a tight reign on them else they become a bit of an energy-savings dictator!).

How to keep your energy costs down

We have found a bunch of ways you can save on your in-office energy costs and want to share a few of our key ones with you now in the hope that this will spur you on the realise how easy it is for you to save extra money after signing with Bulk Energy.

  • Place stickers near light switches and office machines reminding people to turn them off when not in use.
  • Place posters in kitchen areas to highlight what can and can’t be recycled.
  • Send out regular tips to staff via email and run competitions between individuals and teams.
  • Have team members work on laptops rather than PCs when possible (this may also prompt your team to work at home after hours too which is also a bonus. Just kidding – sort of).
  • Set up a system where people can share their ideas, issues and solutions (for example, an email address or shared folder with a file hosting service).

That’s just a few ways you get kickstart your savings. Remember that small changes can yield large rewards over time!

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The latest from our blog