How to make your business carbon friendl

How to make your business carbon friendly

Australia contributes to 1.8% of the worlds carbon dioxide emissions. Considering we are the 51st most populated country, but the 18th biggest carbon dioxide producer it’s clear we as a nation aren’t overly carbon friendly; we need to consider our carbon emissions as individuals and start making changes to reduce our impact.

As they say, the actions of one can make a difference to the lives of many – and this is no exception.

How can we become more carbon friendly?

By being more conscious of our carbon footprint, we can help pave the way to a bright future not only for ourselves, but for future generations.

As individuals, there’s many things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint and become more carbon friendly, but something we have less direct control over is the impact businesses have on our Australia’s overall carbon emissions.

It’s really important for business owners and employees to start thinking about how they are contributing to Australia’s carbon footprint by making offsets to compensate for our energy usage.

Reduce the Carbon Footprint of your Office

As an employee of a company, you probably don’t have a huge amount of say in what choices the company makes to offset its carbon emissions. But there are some things you and your colleagues can all do together and still make a considerable reduction for your employer.

  • Print documents double sided
  • Carpool or catch public transport to work
  • Open windows in Summer to keep it cool
  • Close blinds in Winter to keep the heat inside
  • Switch off lights in unused offices, conference rooms and communal areas
  • Do you really need to print that 45 page report? Try keeping it on your computer or iPad instead, and only print off the vitals.
  • Set up a paper recycling bin rather than throwing discarded paper into your waste bin.

Reduce the Carbon Footprint of your Business

If you own a small business, or have an influential position in a larger business you can make your business more carbon friendly by doing regular carbon audits. Understand your business’s exposure to carbon risk and then minimise it.

  • Audit your current carbon footprint: e.g fuel consumption both in the workplace and in the field, gas and electrical use in all areas of your business, methods of heating and cooling, appliances used etc.
  • Set goals to reduce your total emissions: e.g 20% reduction by July 2016
  • Act on opportunities to reduce your emissions: e.g  install solar panels, upgrade appliances to 5 star energy rated products, switch lighting to LED, get employees trained on being conscious of their energy consumption.
  • Negate your remaining unavoidable carbon emissions by contributing to carbon offset projects in your local community: e.g Tree planting, renewable energy source construction etc, agricultural projects. Find out how.

It also makes a lot of sense commercially to show your clients, customers and employees that you are environmentally conscious as the issue becomes more important to individuals.

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