Save money on your energy bills with Margie

Every office needs a Margie

Who is Margie? Well, for starters, she is almost certainly a mum. She also definitely brings her own lunch to work – nutritious snacks and sandwiches that always seem to retain their deliciousness even though she always puts tomatoes on them and by rights the bread should be really soggy by lunchtime. But what does Margie have to do with energy bills?

Who is Margie and what does she have to do with energy bills?

Margie is a hard worker. She loves to be part of any committee being formed in the office – from the staff party planning committee to the recycling round table. Her joy in life (apart from her family) comes from having found a place outside the home where she can feel like her day makes a difference to the national economy.

She also lives economically in her home life and wants to make sure she is getting the most out of every, single dollar. She notices waste in the workplace and really wants to tidy it up on your behalf.

To be honest, in her role she can sometimes upset the apple cart. Her passion for process and productivity can get a bit much for generations X, Y, and Z. She reminds them of their mums and it’s a similar relationship built on mutual fondness, but always with the threat of a stern talking to if things don’t get done on time and to the standard she expects.

In terms of saving yourself money on your energy bills everything starts with Margie. She is going to become your ‘Energy Ambassador’. You could either make this a voluntary position, or perhaps treat her to something luxurious like a massage each quarter if you are on target with your savings.

Remember, Margie loves process, so why not give her an hour a day for the first couple of weeks and get her to research ways to save energy. From her research, she can then put a plan together about how she is going to implement each action, the amount of time invested in them, and how she will engage the rest of the workplace in these activities.

Once you have signed off on the task list, set up a formal ‘Energy Ambassador’ position description and both sign it. Margie will then know that she is in charge and take personal responsibility for getting the wider team on board.

Perhaps you could even look at sharing some of the profits for a workplace treat like pizzas on a random Friday, or a visit from a company like the ‘3 Minute Angels’ who come and give everyone at the workplace a mini massage at their desks.

If you don’t have a Margie in your workplace, you might want to get onto that pronto! She is as valuable as your gun salesperson.

Note: Margie may also be a guy. Some guys really get into workplace responsibilities and can perform the function exactly the same as your ‘Margie’.

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