6 things you need to know about home energy

6 things you don’t know about home energy (but probably should!)

At this time of year, we’re all looking for ways to cut down our home energy consumption so we can reduce the cost of our energy bills.

Invariably, this means wearing all of our clothes at once to save on heating or fashioning a few plant pots into a DIY heater or forgoing hot showers in favour of… no showers? (Here’s hot tip: maybe just join Bulk Energy?)

But if you insist on going without some of life’s little luxuries (and, you know, good hygiene and general cleanliness), you at least need to know which ones to go without. Here are a few surprising facts about home energy that we think everyone should know, but that they probably don’t.

  1. Washing up by hand isn’t that energy efficient, after all

Using the dishwasher once a day uses less energy (and water) than washing up by hand three times a day – a modern dishwasher uses 22 fewer litres of water than washing by hand.

  1. Buy a microwave – save on home energy

Stop reheating last night’s leftovers in the oven. The microwave is the most energy-efficient appliance in your kitchen, using just a third of wattage used by most ovens.

  1. Don’t forgo hot showers in favour of baths

Showers have a bad rep when it comes to energy and water consumption, but it’s mostly unfounded. It can take 95 litres of water to fill the average bathtub, while a 10-minute shower will only use 25 litres of water.

  1. Stop googling things you already know

Google is responsible for using roughly 0.013 percent of the world’s energy use, which is enough energy to power about 200,000 homes every year.

  1. Maybe just turn things off when you’re not using them

75 percent of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off. The average desktop PC and laptop idle at 80 and 20 watts respectively, while a Sony Playstation uses around 200 watts when it’s idling – nearly as much as when it’s in use. In Australia, idle power consumes more electricity than all the solar panels combined.

  1. Like to yell and shout? That’s okay!

If a person yelled for 8 years, 7 months, and 6 days, they would produce enough energy to heat one cup of coffee… Although, it’s probably quicker if you just used your microwave.

If you’re really serious about finding ways to reduce your energy bills, however, maybe it’s time to join the Bulk Energy Movement. We’ve helped thousands of Aussies save money on their energy bills, and we can help you too. For more information visit our website or drop us a line.

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