Daniel Katinis

Job title: Director, Business Development Manager

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Marketing)

Interests: Daniel enjoys participating in a wide range of sports including cycling, soccer, basketball and has a passion for a good Breakfast!

Skills/Experience: Daniel began his career as a business development manager for Australia’s largest telco.

In 2008, he moved into the energy sector where he has spent the last 8 years working in sales and management. Daniel is an expert in strategic planning, and complex negotiations between energy retailers and consumers.

His passion for Australian business is evident to all his clients, as is his enthusiasm to exceed expectations!

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Aleks Mrkic

Job title: Director, Tenders and Quoting Manager

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business

Interests: Aleks enjoys watching his beloved Geelong Cats, relaxing with his family, travel and maintains a busy social schedule.

Skills/Experience: Aleks has held senior management roles in the print, finance and energy industries where he developed expertise setting business targets and leading teams to achieve them.

Aleks takes pride in taking the time to fully understand his customer’s requirements for energy and then works tirelessly to source the best possible deal.

As a cofounder of Bulk Energy, Aleks knows the realities of running a successful small business and brings real passion for helping other businesses save money on electricityand gas.

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Anton Battista

Job title: Customer Relationship Manager

Interests: Anton enjoys playing table sports, spending quality time with his dog Hugo and is passionate about the Australian wine industry.

Skills/Experience: Anton began working in the energy industry when the Queensland electricity market was deregulated 8 years ago; his role was leading a sales team with a tier one retailer, educating new and existing clients regarding the changes.

His passion for customer service led him back to Melbourne, to work with the same retailer in their customer resolutions team. Anton lives by the mantra “life is short, enjoy every day,” and perhaps this is why he’s our favorite character around the office and equally popular with his customers, too!

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Louis Kelemen

Job title: Sales Manager

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering, Member of the Institution of Engineers

Interests: Louis enjoys spending time with his grand children, walking his two dogs and competing in poker tournaments.

Skills/Experience: Louis began his career as a structural engineer designing power stations in South Australia.

He then transferred his engineering skills to sales and marketing in the oil industry working for Mobil Oil as their commercial sales engineer and then moved to the Northern Territory as their commercial sales manager.

Louis continued his sales career in the area of specialised transport, fuel distribution and later moved into the energy industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Bulk Energy that cuts across many industry sectors.

Louis has always been outcome focused and places great emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.

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John Alberti

Job title: Energy Management Consultant

Qualifications: Registered Electrical Contractor, Licensed Electrical Mechanic

Interests: John is a family man who enjoys good food (especially that which he has grown himself), good wine and good company.

John has been in the energy game for over 25 years, starting out as an electrical contractor and progressing to building and facilities management. He specialises in solar and recently completed the largest solar installation in Victoria from design through to implementation.

Thanks to this vast experience, John has developed deep insights into how businesses use electricity and where they can save. This makes him perfectly placed to head up Bulk Energy Management; his vision is for an independent, user friendly system to save your business money on energy.

John prides himself on great communication and has established a large professional network thanks to his transparency and outgoing personality.

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