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Bulk Energy Case Studies

Check out our case studies to see why Bulk Energy’s customers love us; and learn how we can save your business money on electricity and gas!

Asian Pacific saved $53,000 (27% of their energy bill)

How Bulk Energy Helped Asian Pacific Serviced Offices

Asia Pacific Serviced Offices were approached by Bulk Energy in December 2015 with an opportunity to consolidate the energy account for 7 sites and negotiate a better energy deal for their 242 meters running on those sites.

Bulk Energy tendered to several major energy retailers and forwarded Trevor from APSO the winning bid he was able to lock down for such an account.

Bulk Energy was able to secure an annual saving of over $53,000 for APSO, which represents a 27% saving on their total electricity expenses. In addition, Bulk was able to guarantee a fixed price for 1 months, consolidated billing and no penalty for transfers to a new tenant.

“We thought we were on a good deal from our existing Retailer but their tender process certainly proved us wrong!”

Bulk Energy approached Asian Pacific Serviced Offices back in early December 2015 to see if we were interested in allowing them to review the electricity procurement for our seven Melbourne sites. Accordingly I forwarded them copies of current bills for these 7 sites totalling 242 individual electricity meters.

After tendering to all the major Energy Retailers via their “Bulk Tender Process” they forwarded me the results of the winning bid along with their analysis and recommendation. Bulk Energy were able to secure an annual saving just in excess of $53,000 which represented 27% of our total electricity expense. We thought we were on a good deal from our existing Retailer but their tender process certainly proved us wrong!

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Trevor Vandersluy - Operations Manager, Asian Pacific Serviced Offices

CoreDental Group saved $12,000 (14% of their energy bill)

How Bulk Energy Helped Core Dental Group

Core Dental, a leading chain of dental clinics in Melbourne, approached Bulk Energy in October 2015 to see if they could nab a better deal on their six growing clinics excessive energy costs.

Bulk Energy consultant Aleks assessed each of the six clinics energy usage and took his findings to our Energy partners to negotiate a better deal. Aleks called Hew at Core Dental back with 2 unbeatable offers which included consolidation of their six separate energy plans into a unified business plan, as well as substantial saving on energy rates.

Hew at Core Dental was incredibly happy with the potential savings and signed up to his new energy provider! Thanks to Aleks, Core Dental are saving 14% on their energy costs, a total of $12k per annum!

Your thorough analysis of each retailer’s recommendations have given me confidence that we have secured the best possible deal.

On behalf of Core Dental Group, I’d like to extend our appreciation for your handling of our recent energy contracts renewal project.
Having Bulk Energy worked directly with the energy retailers, knowing that you are independent and non-biased in your advice, gave me comfort.

Your process, thorough analysis of each retailer’s tender and shortlist of recommendations have given me confidence that we have secured the best possible deal. Overall we saved $12,000 per annum, which equated to about 14% of our total spend. I was also happy with other aspects, such as checking my first bill for accuracy and your customer service. I am more than happy to recommend Bulk Energy to any other business customer, and can be contacted on the details below.

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Hew - Director, CoreDental Group

Royal Hotel Seymour are saving $12,900 per year

How Bulk Energy Helped Royal Hotel Seymour

Royal Hotel Seymour – one of Seymour’s oldest businesses – was contacted by Anton from Bulk Energy in mid 2015. Anton identified an unnecessary inflation in the hotel’s energy costs and went on a mission to find a much better deal.

Anton contacted several energy retailers he has a relationship with to shop for a more competitive rate. Anton also sought to lockdown the rate for a minimum of 12 months, with the potential to save even further by continually shopping for even better rates after the 12 months ended.

Leigh was impressed with Anton’s research and results and successfully signed over to his new energy retailer in October 2015, saving a total of $12,000 per annum!

“There was no upfront commitment on our part… The result was amazing!”

We received a sales call from Anton back around the middle of 2015 suggesting he could possibly save us some money off our annual spend on electricity. We get a lot of telemarketing calls from retailers and the odd broker, but he sounded genuine and as there was no upfront commitment on our part. I decide to test the water.

The result was amazing as they managed to substantiate a saving of some $12,900 per annum, accordingly we signed a contract with a new retailer in October that year.

Anton assisted with a smooth transition from the old retailer to the new one and we cannot thank him and Bulk Energy enough for their efforts.

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Paul Low & Leigh Bushell - Owners

FABAL are saving over $20,000 per year

How Bulk Energy Helped Fabal

Food and Beverage Australia Limited was looking to reduce energy costs for a number of their Vineyards in Victoria and South Australia. Anton from Bulk Energy analysed all twenty-three electricity accounts held by FABAL and saw major opportunity to save.

Anton was able to effectively consolidate all accounts into a single business account, and secure an incredible energy deal thanks to our close relationship with many energy retailers.

Since working with Anton at Bulk Energy, Ian has been able to project savings of over $20,000 per annum for FABAL’s vineyards and is extremely pleased with the service provided by Bulk Energy.

“I could not have negotiated the significant discounts you have secured on our behalf.

Since implementing your recommendation to bring all 23 of our electricity meters onto a consolidated business plan with one electricity provider, I have already been able to validate the cost savings on our electricity accounts for the first two months of 2016.

Your services delivered real costs savings (projected and on track to reduce our electricity costs by over $20,000 in 2016), with a minimum of effort from my point of view.

The most outstanding value of your service is that you provided a no obligation, no risk win win situation for us to benefit from the lower electricity costs you negotiated for our vineyards, and without FABAL needing to pay you anything for your work.

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Ian Grey - Group Manager

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