Senate committee report calls for the end of coal-fired electricity in Australia

Coal-fired power is again a target in Australia following a Senate Committee report recommending that the country move away from coal-generated electricity entirely. The report – which comes about a month after an announcement confirming the closure of Hazelwood power station and before the closure of several other... Read More

The Most Energy Efficient Television

The most energy efficient TV: Is it worth upgrading?

When it comes to the most energy efficient television, here are the facts… According to the Energy Rating website, one in four Australians buy a new television each year. Per Australian law, every television sold or supplied within the country must meet a minimum level of energy... Read More

Smart LED Bulbs

Smart LED bulbs: Efficient and personal lighting

Smart LED bulbs are an emerging technology that offers energy efficiency, plus the capacity to adjust lighting output to any colour or intensity specified by occupants. These LED bulbs can also interact with wireless networks and mobile applications, providing an enhanced user experience. Cool. But do smart LED... Read More

Solar Inverters

Solar inverters: What are the 3 main types?

Solar inverters carry out a very important function – they condition the power produced by solar modules so it can be used by electrical devices in homes and businesses. Solar panels generate direct current (DC), which means their voltage output is constant over time. On the other... Read More

LED Lighting

LED lighting: Top 3 purchasing tips

LED lighting offers not only energy savings, but also a degree of flexibility that no other type of lighting can match. Practically any colour of light can be produced with LEDs, and there are now fixtures that allow simultaneous colour adjustment and dimming. Also, due to how... Read More

Energy Storage

Energy storage in homes and small businesses

Energy storage is normally associated with batteries and electricity, but there are other viable methods: Since heating and cooling represent a high monthly cost for homes and businesses, energy can also be stored effectively in a thermal form. Water is an excellent medium for absorbing and holding heat, and insulated tanks... Read More

Energy efficiency... For some.

Energy efficiency for all… or just some?

For many renters, cost-saving improvements are out of reach As energy prices continue to rise and concern regarding climate change and the impact of our energy usage grows, consumers are increasingly looking to energy efficiency measures as a means of reducing both their bills and environmental impact. However,... Read More

Climate Change Volcano Large

Volcanoes are cool, at least when it comes to climate change

The term “volcanic eruption” typically conjures up images of smoke, lava, explosions and heat. There’s really nothing cool about a volcanic eruption, right? Wrong: Volcanoes actually play a pretty pivotal role in cooling the earth, and according to the Knowridge Science Report, that process may be in... Read More

Western Power WA

The potential sale of Western Power and what it means for WA customers

Last week Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett announced that the WA government is close to making a decision on whether to sell all or just part of Western Power and expects a final decision in a matter of weeks. The announcement came Tuesday outside Parliament House and drew... Read More

The Trump energy policy - what it is and what it means

The Trump energy policy – what it means for America and how Australia compares

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election was one the wildest and most contentious in the country’s history. But now that the results are in and Donald Trump has been named the next President of the United States, what does that mean for America in terms of energy, and... Read More

Who Invented Electricity

Who Invented Electricity?

Who invented electricity? You probably just want a quick answer to settle a debate or finish a school assignment. Unfortunately, there isn’t one. Electricity was not invented. It was discovered, and our understanding of it furthered by brilliant individuals that devoted their lives to its study. It wouldn’t do... Read More

Demand side management - how it can save you money

Demand side management: How it can save you money

Consider the proverbial supply versus demand equation, and how this relates to the 5,920 petajoules of energy that Australia consumed in 2015 (a petajoule is 1,000,000,000,000 kilojoules). When you think about it, the supplier of this energy controls its availability and how much it costs – on the... Read More

Hazelwood closure could mean minimal price increases

Another view on the Hazelwood closure: Impact on electricity prices may be minimal

In Monday’s blog post we reported that a March 31 closure date for Victoria’s Hazelwood power station has now been set. We also followed up on an earlier post we wrote when word of Hazelwood’s eventual retirement was first made public. In this earlier post we predicted... Read More

Battery Arrays Tesla Powerwall

Are battery arrays the answer to reduce your electricity costs?

What are battery arrays? Recently, we published a blog on demand side management, which is all about you as the user of energy controlling what time of day you use it (hint – when it’s cheap!). Great idea, but how do you actually achieve this? Battery Arrays are a solution – today we’re going... Read More

Static Electricity

Static electricity – how does it work?

What is static electricity? Have you ever wondered why you get a shock when you rub your socks on the carpet and then touch something? Or why the parking ticket dispenser always shocks you when you press the button to print your ticket.  Most people over the... Read More

Hazelwood Power Station

Electricity prices rise as Hazelwood announces closing date

A while back we wrote a blog post reporting on the announcement that Hazelwood power station was set to close its doors as early as April 2017. We predicted that word of the station’s demise would subsequently cause Victorian electricity prices to skyrocket, as was the case in South... Read More

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cells allow smart energy consumption

Hydrogen fuel cells provide simultaneous heating and electricity, through a reaction that combines hydrogen and oxygen into water. The reaction can also be carried out in reverse, through a process called electrolysis. In electrolysis, electric power is used to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. Although the underlying physical... Read More

Tankless water heaters - pros and cons

Tankless water heaters: What are the benefits?

Tankless water heaters have become increasingly popular due to their sleek, compact design and ease of installation, and flexibility with both electrical and gas-fired models available. However, they do have some cons, and depending on the application you may still be better off with a tank-based hot water system. Advantages... Read More

Solar Power - tips to maximise your savings

Solar power – tips to maximise your savings

Solar power can be a lucrative investment in places with abundant sunshine and expensive electricity—yes, we’re referring to Australia! With plenty of sunshine, solar panels provide more energy over their lifetime for the same upfront cost. In addition, expensive electricity means saving more cash per unit of energy produced,... Read More

energy saving tips

Energy saving tips for Australian homes

Today’s blog comes courtesy of our friends at, who specialise in discount window shutters and blinds. They’ve put together an infographic of Energy Saving Tips in Australian Homes and there’s a lot of good stuff in there. The infographic features three sections: Interesting facts, how to save energy... Read More

Justin Bieber - what will his electricity bill cost

Justin Bieber’s electricity bill – how does it compare to yours?

Yes, you read that correctly. Earlier this month, Justin Bieber announced Australia stops for his Purpose World Tour in March of 2017. While we don’t actually have access to Justin’s electricity bill (sorry, paparazzi), we do have his tour schedule, which we believe offers a fun opportunity... Read More

Anton Battista Gulgong RSL Testimonial Sept 2016

Congratulations to Anton Battista for another happy customer

At Bulk Energy, we’re always blogging about energy news, going green, and money saving tips and tricks, but today I wanted to break that trend and take a moment to recognise the great work of our longest serving salesman, Anton Battista. Another happy customer A couple of weeks ago,... Read More

Australia’s electricity demand set to rise

Australia’s electricity demand set to rise

Part 2 of a 2-part blog In Part 1, we saw that since 2010, Australia’s electricity demand has been consistently decreasing (thanks to greater energy efficiency). At the same time, power prices have been rising, so the net result to consumers is our household electricity bills have (on... Read More

Is Australia’s electricity demand falling?

Is Australia’s electricity demand falling?

Part 1 of a 2-part blog Every year since 2010, Australia’s electricity demand (how much electricity the whole country has actually used) has been decreasing. What makes this remarkable, it has been happening alongside a growing economy, at a time when Australians have been buying more electricity-hungry appliances –... Read More

Smart Meters

Smart meters: Everything you need to know

Over the past few years, smart meters have gained significant media attention throughout Australia, and not all of positive. Now that almost all of us have these devices installed at our homes, what do you need to know? This energy monitoring technology was initially rolled out in Victoria and has since... Read More

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning – upgrade and save

Earlier in the year, we published an article “4 ways to find out which of your appliances use the most energy“. Here’s the answer: in Australia, air conditioning accounts for 40% of energy expenses. This means, for most of us, there is a significant potential to save energy by upgrading... Read More

Renewable energy: the answer is blowing in the wind

Renewable energy: the answer is blowing in the wind

The cause of a recent statewide blackout in South Australia has sparked a heated energy debate across the country, with some blaming the state’s reliance on renewable energy. In late September a freak storm in South Australia, with high winds, lightning strikes, hail and heavy rainfall caused... Read More

4 energy saving devices for your office or home

4 energy saving devices for your office or home

Have you ever opened your household energy bill and baulked at the price? Or are your office energy costs eating into your bottom line? Or both? If so, you may want to consider using energy saving devices. By using some of these devices, you can significantly lower... Read More

Energy Advice

What should I do during a power outage?

A power outage can be a memorable occasion, although usually for the wrong reasons! Hands up if you’ve missed the final moments of a sporting match on TV or woken up in sweltering heat because the air-con has switched off? There’s never a good time for a... Read More

Electricity costs among biggest Australian household concern

Electricity costs among biggest Australian household concern: How you can save

When Australian households were asked by consumer group Choice earlier this year to list their biggest household concerns, electricity costs were one of the most pressing worries.[1] Choice’s quarterly, nationally representative survey, which measures Australians’ attitudes to the cost of living, revealed that over 80% of respondents... Read More

How do Australia’s electricity prices compare with the rest of the world?

How do Australia’s electricity prices compare with the rest of the world?

Australia has often been referred to as the “Lucky Country”, and this is probably a fair statement given our abundance of natural resources, continued economic growth and unique geographical position in the world. Melbourne routinely hits the top of the list for the “most livable city in... Read More

Australian energy consumers miss out on saving $1.2 billion

Australian energy consumers miss out on saving $1.2 billion

The Australian Energy Market Commission last week rejected a proposal to introduce a new rule known as the Local Generation Network Credit (LGNC) rule, which could have potentially saved energy consumers AUS$1.2 billion. The purpose of this rule was to incentivise small wind, gas and solar power... Read More

Hazelwood power station closure will increase electricity prices

Hazelwood power station closure could fuel skyrocketing electricity prices

It seems that history is about to repeat itself. In 2015, South Australia faced skyrocketing electricity prices after owners of the Northern power station announced its closure. Now Victoria may be about to face a similar crisis with Fairfax media reporting that the Hazelwood power station in... Read More

Does Smart Blocks reduce owners' corporation fees?

Does Smart Blocks energy rebate program reduce owners’ corporation fees?

Smart Blocks is a free program that operates nationally in Australia, that’s designed to help apartment owners and their owners’ corporations reduce their energy consumption in common property areas. Broadly speaking, common property is any part of a development not defined as a lot, and would typically... Read More

5 ways to reduce energy use in body corporate properties

5 ways to reduce energy use in body corporate properties

A body corporate is an organisation that manages the common property of a piece of real estate, including residential, commercial, retail and industrial properties. On December 31, 2007, “body corporates” actually became “owners corporations”, when the Owners Corporations Act 2006 was introduced – but for our purposes, the... Read More

7 simple steps to cut small business energy costs

7 simple steps to cut small business energy costs

Cutting down on business energy costs is a top priority for many SMEs in 2016, with rising concerns about carbon emissions and costly energy bills behind the shift in mindset towards a more energy efficient future. But cutting down on energy usage isn’t a simple matter in small... Read More

SA energy crisis: Costs set to rise for years to come

SA energy crisis: Costs set to rise for years to come

Energy costs have risen by 90% for some, set to rise further. With the recent news of South Australia’s volatile energy market bearing another costly blow, small business owners are at high risk of enduring even higher energy costs for years to come. It’s been estimated that the cost... Read More

4 ways to find out which of your appliances use the most energy

4 ways to find out which of your appliances use the most energy

How much energy do your computer systems use? What about your kitchen? Lighting? Do you know where energy is being wasted? Read on the find out how to measure which business appliances are sucking your energy usage to start planning for a more energy efficient future. What... Read More

Could this solar powered BBQ change the world?

Could this solar powered BBQ change the world?

Australia. A term synonymous with deadly creatures, beautiful landscapes and of course… BBQs. What would an Aussie backyard be without the essential gas powered grilling machine that is recognised as a birth-right among Australians? But we as Aussies, do face one particular problem in our BBQing habits –... Read More

10 ways to keep your customers cool in the summer heat

10 ways to keep your customers cool in the summer heat

With global temperature’s for 2015 being recorded as the hottest ever experienced in modern times it’s no wonder people are scrambling to find ways to keep cool on those 40 degree days. But when the beach just isn’t close enough, how can you keep not only your... Read More

How to reduce your energy consumption at home

Here’s how to reduce your energy consumption at home

By reducing your energy consumption at home, you’re not only saving money on your energy bills, but you’re also helping to save the environment, because, yes, climate change is a thing. Many people overlook the simple things they can do at home to help reduce the carbon... Read More

Why your solar panel system needs a home battery

Why your solar panel system needs a home battery

If you’ve been following this blog, then you may recall a post a little while back about the Tesla Powerwall. The Tesla Powerwall is a home battery that allows you to store energy generated by your solar panel system so you can use it later. While the... Read More

Winter Heating Guide - Gas Heating

Here’s Part 2 of our Winter Heating Guide: Gas heating

We’re sorry if we kept you on the edge of your seats these past few days, waiting for the next part of your winter heating guide. But we’re pretty confident that it was worth it, like it was worth waiting to find out who killed JR – or,... Read More

Buying a new heater? Here’s our Winter Heating Guide

Buying a new heater? Here’s our Winter Heating Guide: Electric heating

As Australians, we usually live in perpetual denial of the existence of winter – or if you watch Home and Away, the denial of rain. But with the coldest winter on record in more than a decade, it’s hard to deny this one (even in Alice Springs,... Read More

Abstracting electricity on a train may get you arrested

Beware! Charging your iPhone on a train may get you arrested!

It’s something iPhone users have long complained about: short battery life. It was even lampooned in an ad for Samsung’s Galaxy S5 last year. And it’s not unusual to go out somewhere – a cafe, the gym, an airport, the bathroom, anywhere with electricity and a vacant... Read More

Build your own DIY hovercraft that you can ride

Build your own DIY hovercraft that you can ride!

When we were gushing over those teen whiz kids a few weeks ago, you may recall that we briefly mentioned hoverboards, an invention we were told would be a thing by now. But since Marty McFly and Co. were obviously lying, we’ve had to make do with... Read More

cost of electricity

Shining a light on the cost of electricity in Victoria

If you’ve been following the rising cost of electricity in the news lately, then you may have already read a recent report from The Brotherhood of St Laurence, a not-for-profit based in Victoria that works to reduce poverty and homelessness in Australia. The report, which broke down... Read More

living roof

Apartment dwellers of Australia: Go green with a living roof!

Being Australian used to mean a couple of things; you greeted people with ‘g’day’ and you lived in a freestanding house on a big block of land, where you could enjoy a barbie in your garden during the summer. Nowadays, neither of those things are the norm... Read More

teenage whiz kids turning the mundane into the ELECTRIFYING

Meet the teenage whiz kids turning the mundane in to the ELECTRIFYING!

Remember when you were a kid and you spent your days doing kid stuff; watching Grease two dozen times, building a fort, pretending it was actually your kid brother who ate all the lollies? Yeah, me too. But kids these days (gosh, did I actually just type... Read More

power board overload

Don’t go overboard with your power board

Now that it’s ticked over to July, we’ve decided it’s probably time to accept that it is indeed winter; the middle of winter, in fact. So we’ve hauled all of our heaters out of storage, dusted them off, and plugged them into any spare power socket we... Read More

When Movie Characters get stuck in a Blackout | Bulk Energy

When TV and movie characters get stuck in a blackout

A blackout is the worst. The nature of them means you’re always caught unawares. One minute you’re in the middle of cooking dinner, the next you’re padding around in the dark, looking for a candle. And some matches. And then you’ve struck the match, it’s burning away,... Read More

home energy

6 things you don’t know about home energy (but probably should!)

At this time of year, we’re all looking for ways to cut down our home energy consumption so we can reduce the cost of our energy bills. Invariably, this means wearing all of our clothes at once to save on heating or fashioning a few plant pots... Read More

The Skinny on Natural Gas

The Skinny on Natural Gas: Where it’s found and how it gets to you

When we talk about helping Aussies to save money on their energy, most people assume we just mean electricity because it’s one of the more common energy sources used to power our homes and businesses. But we’re also talking about natural gas, which is one of Australia’s... Read More

Your Guide to Buying Solar Panels Wisely

Your guide to buying solar panels wisely

Solar energy is often touted, not just as a cost-efficient way to power everything from our homes to motor vehicles, but also the greener alternative to using coal and other fossil fuels to generate electricity. But just how green are those solar panels, after all? Well, not... Read More

japan magnetic levitation train

The need for speed: Japan’s magnetic levitation train

If you had the power to travel over 400 kilometres in less time than it takes to watch the nightly news – without using a single tank of petrol – how would it change your life? Would it be easier to work and maintain relationships with friends,... Read More

The 5 Most Sustainable Cities in the World

The 5 most sustainable cities in the world

When we think about environmentally sustainable cities we rarely think of a big, urban locations. With their suffocating car exhaust fumes, densely populated streets, and distinct lack of vast, open green spaces, they seem more likely to be the playground of litterbugs than the environmentally conscious. But while... Read More


Know the dangers of carbon monoxide this Winter

In the wake of last weekend’s tragic and devastating events, the loss of a young couple holidaying in the beautiful Blue Mountains with family and friends, has rocked the community at large and has again brought to the forefront a conversation about the dangers of using various... Read More

Australia's Solar Powered City - Bundaberg

Australia’s Solar Powered City

Bundaberg – A name synonymous with rum and coke, but would you believe also the name of Australia’s most successful example of a city relying on solar energy to power over 9,400 homes. Bundaberg, nestled beside the Burnett River in Queensland’s South-East, is a city that has... Read More

LED streetlights

Greenlighting our streets

How many councils does it take to change a lightbulb? About 60. The start of April 2015 marked the installation of the 200,000th energy efficient LED streetlights changeover in Australia, with over 60 Australian councils coming together to commence one of the largest and most beneficial government... Read More

Solar Powered Window Socket

A portable solar power socket that plugs into… a window?

Isn’t it great when new technology meets beautiful design? From a small tube that transforms into a fully functioning portable gas stove to 3D printer pens, we’ve come up with wonderful ways to merge practicality with aesthetics for a seamless user experience that is easy to learn,... Read More


Cigarette butts could power your next smartphone

The power of ‘SCIENCE!’ is at work again, and this time it’s turning the world’s most littered and hated trash into electronic treasure, thanks to the work of a group of researchers at Seoul National University in South Korea. The research, which presumably came about after some... Read More

DIY Room Heater that costs 15c per day to run

DIY room heater that costs just a few cents to run per day

As the cooler days set in, so does the pressing urge to stay curled up in bed rather than emerge into the biting cold that infiltrates my bedroom each morning… Piling on layers of restrictive winter attire when you’re trying to write is not an activity I... Read More

5 genius energy lessons we can learn from Sweden

5 genius energy lessons we can learn from Sweden

Right up until the early 1970s, Sweden depended heavily on oil for energy supply. 75% of energy generated came from oil. But in 1973 something happened that changed Sweden forever, and forced them to learn valuable energy lessons. After the infamous 1973 oil crisis Sweden was forced... Read More

tesla powerwall

Tesla Powerwall – The Future has arrived.

Tesla. A name synonymous with futurism and electrical engineering (and also a little bit of magic). But the name is more than just a nod to the late inventor and physicist Nikola Tesla, it represents and ideology in favour of renewable energy. Enter Tesla Motors. The company... Read More

Lemon Battery

How to make a lemon battery. Because Science.

Science. The frontier of all technology. From Tesla coils to Apple Watch, the fruits of Science are both profound and completely bizarre at times. But that doesn’t stop us, and why should it? Science is fun. REALLY FUN. Especially when it involves creating your own power source... Read More

5 successful green businesses

5 businesses that prove you don’t have to live in the dark ages to be ‘green’

Has all this talk about climate change and the respective havoc the El Nino and El Nina effects (not Mexican delicacies, it turns outs) are inflicting on the environment got you worried that Armageddon is a-comin-to-ged-us if you don’t shun all modern luxuries and go live in... Read More

why recycle

Why Recycle? A must-read for all

We all recycle to some degree, but are we doing our best? Providing a mandatory and designated recycling bin was a huge win for Australia. But really consider for a moment just how much (or how little) you know about recycling. It’s not as though your bin came... Read More

How to read your Energy Bill like a Pro

How to read your energy bill like a pro

Ever wondered what all those tariffs and charges and kilomajigs were for on your energy bill? Well, wonder no more. We’ve put together this quick cheat sheet to help you learn your kilowatts from your kilojoules (hint: it has nothing to do with calories) so you’ve got... Read More


The fascinating truth about Sydney’s VIVID Festival

As Winter sets upon the city of Sydney, so does one of Sydney’s largest and most dazzling events of the year. VIVID festival of light, music and ideas transforms Sydney into a fairytale wonderland of glowing light installations and innovative technology which sees artists from around the... Read More

nsw electricity privatisation

Electricity Privatisation in Australia: What does it mean?

In June last year, New South Wales State Premier Mike Baird announced that, should the NSW LNP win the next election, he would seek a mandate to put into place electricity privatisation across the state. Under Baird’s proposal, 49% of the state’s four major electricity distribution and transmission networks... Read More

The Rising Cost of Energy in Australia

How to protect yourself against the rising cost of Energy in Australia

Over the past decade, the cost of energy and gas in Australia has ballooned sharply. With indications those prices will continue to rise in the coming years, it can be a little daunting to consider just how much we’re spending on energy each year. On average, household... Read More

Australian Energy History

A brief history of Energy in Australia

We’ve come a long way from the days of using hot coals to iron our clothes and hand-cranked vacuum cleaners to clean our floors, a chore I’m glad I don’t have to partake in. But even now, Australia is only in the early phases of discovering a... Read More

Australia's renewable energy sources

Australia’s renewable energy sources

You’ve no doubt heard a lot about renewable energy, but if you’re still in the dark on the matter read our renewable energy for dummies post. But what are the different types of renewable energy sources, and are there any pros and cons? We’ve given you an easy-to-digest... Read More

Renewable energy for dummies

Going Green: Renewable energy for dummies

If you’re reading this, I think it’s safe to assume you’re a bit of a n00b (newbie for those playing at home) when it comes to renewable energy. Don’t fret! We’re here to break it down for you in layman’s terms so you can venture out into... Read More

How to make your business carbon friendly

How to make your business carbon friendly

Australia contributes to 1.8% of the worlds carbon dioxide emissions. Considering we are the 51st most populated country, but the 18th biggest carbon dioxide producer it’s clear we as a nation aren’t overly carbon friendly; we need to consider our carbon emissions as individuals and start making... Read More

Finding the right light bulb for your business

Finding the right light bulb for your business

Halogen, LED, Fluorescent… With so many bulbs floating around out there, how do you know which one is going to be best for your business? We’ve compared the top 5 light bulb types on the market to give you a comprehensive and easy glance at the benefits... Read More

5 ways to save on your Winter energy bill

5 ways to save on your Winter energy bill

Winter is Coming. (Well, your Winter energy bill, anyway). Game of Thrones references aside, this usually means inflated Winter energy bills are on their way. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By being just a little more mindful, you can save yourself hundreds. Follow these... Read More

Join the movement

Have you met Bulk Energy yet? Join the movement!

Who is Bulk Energy? The Bulk Energy team have been working in the electricity industry for many years, brokering energy contracts for large electricity companies. We have developed a plan that enables small businesses to obtain the great energy deals that they couldn’t get on their own. They came up... Read More

Revolutionising where you stand in the energy market

Bulk Energy: Revolutionising where you stand in the energy market

Want to know more about energy market? This video will answer all your questions about the unique Bulk Energy group buying model.... Read More

How advocating for a healthy workplace may save you money

Workplace wellness and your bottom line

How can I create a healthy workplace? Hooking your employees up with great discounts at local gyms, healthy eateries, fitness clothing stores, and massage places can make for both a healthier, happier team and a big saving on your energy bill. In the current climate of social... Read More

Energy Label Rating

Time for an energy upgrade?

When we go to a white goods retailer, we often have a specific idea in our mind about the make and model of appliance we are looking for. This decision is usually based on the layout of the area you are working with or whether you need... Read More

Bulk Energy wants to save you money on your energy bills

Put your Dad/Mum hat on and get saving!

How many times have you been furious with your kids for not turning off the lights when they head to bed or leave the house? Is it them always having the computer on that sends you spare? What about when the TV is going in one room,... Read More

Bulk Energy wants to save you money on your energy bills

Every office needs a Margie

Who is Margie? Well, for starters, she is almost certainly a mum. She also definitely brings her own lunch to work – nutritious snacks and sandwiches that always seem to retain their deliciousness even though she always puts tomatoes on them and by rights the bread should... Read More