How advocating for a healthy workplace may save you money

Workplace wellness and your bottom line

How can I create a healthy workplace?

Hooking your employees up with great discounts at local gyms, healthy eateries, fitness clothing stores, and massage places can make for both a healthier, happier team and a big saving on your energy bill.

In the current climate of social media and general computer addiction you may find that a lot of your employees spend their breaks chilling out in front of their computer screen appearing to work while they are actually stalking people on social media. They could be trawling LinkedIn for new jobs or online shopping for the weekends outfit.

If you have a bunch of employees who are on their computers all day (especially if you are the proud owners of a bunch of large screen monitors made for creative types) you could potentially decrease the amount of time they are in front of them by even a few hours a day can slice off a significant amount of the energy bill.

Putting in place a health and wellbeing program at your workplace that gets your employees out and about during their breaks is an awesome way to both reward and motivate them. There are a bunch of great sites that give you pointers on how to get your employees up and activated.

The coolest part about this is that you can approach local gyms, aquatic centres, and health spas to get discounts for your employees that you can then pass on to them as part of the scheme. This way you are offering a perceived perk for working with you that doesn’t cost you any hard cash!

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