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SA energy crisis: Costs set to rise for years to come

SA energy crisis: Costs set to rise for years to come

SA energy crisis: Costs set to rise for years to come

Energy costs have risen by 90% for some, set to rise further.

With the recent news of South Australia’s volatile energy market bearing another costly blow, small business owners are at high risk of enduring even higher energy costs for years to come. It’s been estimated that the cost of energy in SA are more than double that of Victoria already, and are expected to continue rising as mounting pressure builds.

If you own a business in South Australia, the news could mean a substantial rise in your annual energy costs. And with prices already peaking, the unprecedented cost of powering up a business could put you thousands of dollars out of pocket.

The only solution is to lock down a competitive energy rate, and the only way this can be achieved is via privately negotiated rates – something that until recently has been out of reach for small to medium sized businesses. But group-buying energy brokers such as Bulk Energy can bridge the gap between business and energy retailer to negotiate affordable energy plans that can ease the pressure of ballooning energy bills.

At Bulk Energy giving power back to the people is our motto, which is why we offer our service 100% free to all Aussie business owners. We have relationships with Australia’s biggest energy providers and our job is to privately negotiate a better energy deal for your business on your behalf.

Signing up to our energy cost saving service only takes 2 minutes, and could save you up to 27% on energy costs. One of our clients saved a whopping $53,000 in energy costs!

So, ready to lock down a better energy deal before it’s too late? Get in touch with us today.



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