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Renewable energy: the answer is blowing in the wind

Renewable energy: the answer is blowing in the wind

Renewable energy: the answer is blowing in the wind

The cause of a recent statewide blackout in South Australia has sparked a heated energy debate across the country, with some blaming the state’s reliance on renewable energy.

In late September a freak storm in South Australia, with high winds, lightning strikes, hail and heavy rainfall caused damage to the state’s electrical transmission lines creating a statewide blackout. As the storm subsided, and residents settled in for what was to be a 12 hour mass blackout, the blame game began.

Was renewable energy to blame?

Renewable energy sceptics were quick to blame the state’s heavy reliance on renewable energy sources and its effect on the stability of power supply as the cause for the mass blackout. South Australia generates the highest level of renewable energy in the country with over 40 per cent of its power supply coming from clean energy sources such as solar and wind farms with zero coal emissions.

Energy experts confirmed that the Siemens wind turbines had performed exactly as they had been designed to, shutting down to prevent further destruction, after three of the state’s four main transmission lines were damaged by the storm.

Debate is now fixated on whether South Australia’s increased reliance on clean energy means a reduction in its energy security levels (energy security is basically defined as the uninterrupted availability of electricity at a reasonable price).

Does clean energy compromise energy security?

Energy experts, including Bulk Energy, agree that achieving energy security with a system that is increasingly reliant on renewable energy is entirely possible.

The South Australian energy system is a powerful demonstration of how energy security can be achieved through the use of renewable energy sources. This challenges widely held beliefs that the most effective way to meet electricity demands is through the use of coal powered stations that operate continuously.

Many countries across the globe are already powering ahead in the race to become one of the world’s first fossil fuel-free nations, demonstrating just how effective, secure and reliable clean energy sources can be. Countries such as Sweden, Denmark, China and, Scotland, are achieving sustained energy security through renewable energy systems. The Nordic countries already lead the world with 75% of Sweden’s electricity generated from clean energy sources and Denmark producing 140% of its electricity requirements from wind power. China is the world leader in the production and use of wind turbines, generating the same amount of water, wind and solar energy as all of France and Germany’s power plants combined.

Bulk Energy promotes greater use of renewable energy resources and capably connects customers with retailers who share their values. Fossil and natural fuel resources are in limited supply whilst renewable energy sources are largely untapped within Australia. Bulk Energy can support customers to connect with renewable energy providers to establish secure, low cost energy now and for the sustainable long term future.

Contact the Bulk Energy team today on 1300 462 855 to find out more about how you can make the shift towards renewable energy and at the same time, potentially save money on your next energy bill!



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