1 How is Bulk Energy different to everyone else? Unlike other brokers, Bulk Energy are here for small business. Rather than simply compare energy plans, we group large numbers of businesses and tender to the Retailers - CREATING the best possible plans. We guarantee savings, and there's no cost to you.

2 What guarantee is there that you will find me a better deal? What happens if you don't? Bulk Energy guarantees to find clients a better deal on their energy bills, if we can’t then there is no obligation to make the switch. If we can’t save you money now, we keep you in our system and try save you money later.

3 Do I have to change energy retailers? If Bulk Energy finds you a better energy deal that saves you money then it’s required that you go ahead with the money-saving deal, because retailers are pricing on the group we've put together.

4 What would stop me being able to sign up to the new deal? In some cases, clients will still be under contract with their current provider and there may be an early exit fee. However these fees are usually very small and you can easily get that back with the savings you’ll be getting. We will make every effort to notify you of relevant exist fees in advance.

5 What do I do with my existing retailer? How do I cancel my current plan? Once we find you a better deal with a new retailer, you’re not required to do anything with your existing energy provider. We’ll take care of that for you.

6 Will it cost me anything to cancel my current energy contract? Most clients will find they are already out of contract with their energy provider so in that case it won’t cost anything to switch. However if you are still under contract then there may be an exit fee involved but these fees are usually very small and your savings will outweigh them.

7 If Bulk Energy provides a free service, how do you make money? Bulk Energy doesn’t charge its clients anything for securing new energy contracts however they receive a referral fee from the retailers upon signing a group of contracts.

8 What if there are better deals in the future? Can I switch again? Bulk Energy will always be on the look out to find you the best deal. We will review your contract periodically to ensure you’re getting maximum savings on your energy bill.

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