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Take Control of Your Energy Bills With Bulk Energy Management (BEM)

Introducing the revolutionary way to independently monitor your exact energy usage and make intelligent changes to save your business significant money.

How Bulk Energy Management works for your business.


Hardware Installation

Bulk Energy’s licensed Electricial Contractor installs monitoring hardware within your electricity switchboard. This provides information in realtime that estimates your actual energy consumption.


Monitor your usage

This allows us to independently monitor your actual energy consumption versus what is shown on your retailer’s invoice (you may be surprised at the difference!).

Of course, we give you full access to telemetry from the monitoring hardware via an online portal and store this data incase of future dispute with your retailer. We will also help represent you in negotiations with your retailer.


Analyse & save

We use your data to make recommendations on how your business can potentially change your energy consumption patterns, identify and repair faulty equipment, and generally save money on energy consumption or achieve a budget.

We’re proactive too — we monitor for changes in the market that may effect your business and keep you abreast of these.

Ready to take control of your energy consumption?

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Happy Customers

On more than one occasion I’ve been told I was paying too much for my energy bills. I was sure there was a cheaper deal but I didn't have the time to shop around. Then I found Bulk Energy and their unique approach to reducing my energy costs, and I decided to "Go Bulk" and join their movement. They were able to secure me an energy contract at rates I didn’t think were possible. So impressed with how much I’ve been able to save with zero fuss on my part.

Newcastle NSW

I can’t believe how quickly Bulk Energy got me a deal that saved over $1000 a year in energy bills and I barely had to lift a finger.

Bondi NSW

I had tried using traditional energy brokers before but I always felt the pressure of the sell and they had their own interests in mind. But with Bulk Energy and their "people power" approach to saving money on energy costs, I feel like I am talking to people who were keen to ensure I was saving money and getting the best deal. I haven’t experienced that service anywhere else. Very impressed.

Noosa QLD

Being a small business owner I am aware of where every dollar goes so when Bulk Energy was able to save me substantial amounts on my energy bill I was thrilled. Would highly recommend them.

Geelong VIC

I would definitely recommend Bulk Energy to any business owner, it's just not possible to find the sort of deals that they can get when we're banded together as a group. They’ve saved me more money than I thought possible.

Kent Town SA


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