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Energy comparison sites

Energy comparison is a hot topic, and Australian consumers are spoilt for choice, with numerous brokers and energy comparison websites available, plus the option of shopping around with the energy retailers directly. Everyone says their service will make your life simple, but with so many options, things have actually gotten more complex in this space.

The Australian Government’s Energy Made Easy website is perhaps the best evidence of just how difficult the energy landscape has become to navigate. As anyone who has used this site to search for electricity and gas offers can attest, interpreting the information you are given can be very challenging – for good reason – the energy retailers tend to deliberately make it difficult to compare apples with apples. In fact, this is the same problem with all energy comparison websites, but Bulk Energy are here to help.

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Bulk energy vs energy comparison sites

  • Bulk Energy starts with a 100% free assessment of your most recent electricity invoice, and work out line-by-line where we can save you money – such as looking for (and removing) hidden fees.
  • Bulk Energy tenders your account with the major Australian power companies, and in this regard, we are similar to the energy comparison sites, coming back with a list of quotes.
  • With the energy comparison sites, you are generally left to compare the quotes, but this can be difficult. Bulk Energy do this for you, and factor your actual usage into our analysis.
  • Bulk Energy are fully independent, we don’t have special deals with any retailers, we always recommend the best choice for you.
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All we do is energy

When you use an energy comparison site, expect a barrage of phone calls (15+ is not unusual) to try and sell you everything from health, life and car insurance, to a new internet plan and everything in between.

Bulk Energy are more focused, we are passionate about the energy market, and this gives us deep insights. We also take the time to get to know our customers, and their priorities. When you combine insight and understanding, the results is a better outcome for our you. Of course, there’s no upfront cost for our service, we are paid by the winning retailer.

The GO BULK™ advantage

Bulk Energy has another major advantage over the comparison sites, and that’s our GO BULK™ process, where we form buying groups of similar businesses to achieve economies of scale and actually drive prices down.

At Bulk Energy, you’ll receive personal service from a dedicated relationship manager, with years of industry experience, which which we believe outperforms the energy comparison sites and their algorithms. We hope that you’ll compare us to the comparison sites, and see the difference for yourself!

Contact Bulk Energy today to experience our personalised service for yourself. 

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