1 What makes Bulk Energy - energy brokers Australia - stand out from the crowd? There are so many energy brokers Australia, what makes Bulk Energy any different? We established the business to look after the little guys. For example, we form buying groups of similar small businesses to achieve scale and drive prices down - we call this GO BULK™. We're passionate about helping Australian businesses save money, and you can read all about it at our Bulk Energy FAQs page.

2 What is Bulk Energy's stance on renewable energy? At Bulk Energy, we're strong advocates for renewable energy, and we pride ourselves on our ability to source deals that align with our customer's environmental values - while still adding up financially. Australia has a massive advantage over many other countries in the renewable energy stakes, with abundant sunlight, and vast coastlines (think wind power and hydro power), so there's no reason not to go green. Learn more at our renewable energy page.

3 What is Bulk Energy's stance on smart meters? Smart meters are a new electricity monitoring technology, which are actually quite controversial. Advocates promote the fact that smart meters can be read remotely, and can provide endusers with a range of insights to help make better decisions on how they consume electricity. On the flip side, some individuals and groups have concerns regarding privacy, health and the cost of this technology. As energy brokers Australia, it is Bulk Energy's job to present all the facts, which we have done on our smart meters page.

4 Does Bulk Energy deal with electricity or gas? We deal with both! Electricity is our core business; we have agreements with all the major retailers and can help homes, small and large businesses Australia wide. For gas, we can service the majority of Australia, but our coverage is more limited. To learn more, please visit our gas and electricity page.

5 Can Bulk Energy assist me setting up an embedded network? Yes. An embedded network is an arrangement which allows a property owner to purchase electricity wholesale from an energy retailer, and then on-sell this to their individual tenants. This can have tremendous benefits all round, with tenants generally enjoying better electricity rates (thanks to the economies of sale of the entire site), and site managers generating a good margin. Bulk Energy can help you setup your own embedded network; to see if your property qualifies, visit our embedded networks page.

6 How does Bulk Energy's Energy Group Model work? At Bulk Energy, our GO BULK™ process involves the formation of buying groups, to achieve economies of scale and give the smaller businesses real negotiating power. Learn more at Australian energy group page.

7 What's the difference between energy comparison sites and brokers? Let's be upfront, as energy brokers Australia, Bulk Energy think we're better than the comparison sites! But what makes us better? There are two major differences. Firstly, we don't just quote prices - we make prices, thanks to our GO BULK™ process. Secondly, we have a deep understanding of the energy market, as well as a passion for helping our customers, and this results in a better outcome for our you. Check out our energy comparison sites versus brokers page.

8 Which electricity suppliers does Bulk Energy work with? You may or may not be aware, but electricity suppliers who work within the National Energy Market (NEM) are organised into three tiers. Tier one are your major players, like Origin Energy. The middle tier is made up of companies like Simply Energy. Tier three are the newer and/or smaller players (who tend to have a specific niche), such as Alinta Energy, BlueNRG, Pacific Hydro and Powershop. Bulk Energy have agreements with all these retailers, and many more. To learn more, please visit our electricity suppliers page.

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