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Energy advice

How to consume less & pay lower rates.

Energy advice really comes in two forms: How to consume less electricity, and how to pay less for what you do use. At Bulk Energy, we recommend you combine both approaches for a greater effect.

In fact, when it comes to reducing electricity consumption, you can even take this a step further with solar – where you’re generating your own power and putting it back into the grid!

There’s so much energy advice on our blog, and we update these daily.

As energy brokers, we can also find the best deals available from the power companies.

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Energy advice – easy wins

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With Bulk Energy, you can get much better deals that if you negotiate with utility companies directly. We have years of experience analysing energy invoices, and are experts at helping our clients eliminate hidden costs that can be easily avoided.

We work with all the major utility companies and create a competitive bidding environment, which results in you getting the lowest gas and electricity rates available. The best part is that there are no upfront costs for our service, we are paid by the winning retailer.

Join the movement!

If you like the sound of having an expert in your corner negotiating the best prices with power companies on your behalf, when not join the movement today!

All we need to get started is a copy of your electricity bill, and from there we’ll assess how your rates measure up to the current market (which we monitor daily), whether you’re paying any hidden costs (which we’ll remove) and talk to you about timing to market (timing is everything when it comes to getting the best deal).

For more energy advice, contact Bulk Energy today. 

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Bulk Energy Blog

7 Apr 2017

Senate committee report calls for the end of coal-fired electricity in Australia

Coal-fired power is again a target in Australia following a Senate Committee report recommending that the country move away from coal-generated electricity entirely. The report – which comes about a month after an announcement... Read More

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