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Cheap Electricity

How much could you save?

The Bulk Energy advantage means cheap electricity rates for your home or business than the rates you are able to secure on your own. How? By using our expertise in reading and interpreting invoices to look for hidden costs, which can add up to thousands of dollars per year – energy companies and other brokers put these costs in, but we take them out!

Bulk Energy also recognises the importance of timing to market. We monitor the market daily and determine the best timing to go to market in order to achieve cost savings for you. We also tender your electricity account to multiple retailers and create a competitive environment. We do the heavy lifting of comparing every detail of what various retailers offer.

Best of all –there is no upfront cost for our service, we are paid by the winning energy retailer.

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How do we get you cheaper electricity?

  • Through our expertise in reading and interpreting invoices – we look for hidden costs, which we remove to save you money.
  • By monitoring the market daily and determining the best timing to go to market in order to achieve cost savings for you.
  • We create a competitive environment in which we tender your electricity account to multiple retailers, pitching them against one another to secure the cheapest energy rates for you.
  • By doing the heavy lifting for you.
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APSO are saving $53,000

In December 2015, Bulk Energy approached Asia Pacific Serviced Offices (APSO) with an opportunity to consolidate the energy account for 7 sites and negotiate cheaper electricity rates for its 242 meters running on those sites. Bulk Energy tendered to several major energy retailers and was able to secure an annual savings of over $53,000 for APSO, which represents a 27% savings on the company’s total electricity expenses. In addition, Bulk Energy was able to guarantee a fixed price for 1 month, consolidated billing and no penalty for transfers to a new tenant – read the full testimonial

Food & Beverage Australia are saving $20,000

Food and Beverage Australia Limited (FABAL) was looking for cheaper electricity rates for a number of its Vineyards in Victoria and South Australia. Bulk Energy analysed all 23 electricity accounts held by FABAL and saw a major opportunity to save. Bulk Energy was able to effectively consolidate all accounts into a single business account, and through our close relationship with energy retailers, save over $20,000 per annum for FABAL’s vineyards – read the full testimonial

Read more Bulk Energy success stories and find out why our customers love us and trust us to find them cheaper electricity!

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7 Apr 2017

Senate committee report calls for the end of coal-fired electricity in Australia

Coal-fired power is again a target in Australia following a Senate Committee report recommending that the country move away from coal-generated electricity entirely. The report – which comes about a month after an announcement... Read More

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