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Business energy

A prime opportunity for savings.

A variable cost

In order to be profitable, business owners must consider and control every expense on their profit and loss statements. While some expenses offer little flexibility or opportunity for savings, business energy is an expense where companies can (and should) strive for efficiency.

Bulk Energy’s free service is suitable for both small business (SME) and large market (C&I) businesses and can save you money by identifying (and removing) hidden costs in your invoices, advising you on timing to market, and running a competitive tender with the business energy retailers to drive prices down.

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What makes Bulk Energy the business energy boss?

  • Bulk Energy is a company just like yours – we must control expenses and look for savings in order to be profitable. We apply our recipe for success to all of our customers.
  • We know how to analyse your electricity invoices to find – and remove – hidden costs. Other brokers put these in, and we take them back out!
  • We are your business energy one stop shop – from tendering and timing to market to independent monitoring and dispute resolution.
  • We create competition among retailers to secure the best deal available.
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Cutting Energy Bills for Small Businesses

Bulk Energy specialises in small business. By organising group tenders with all the retailers, we achieve economies of scale to secure the best deal available for you. This means that when we form buying groups of similar businesses, we drive down prices. There’s no need to stand alone anymore. Getting the attention of the retailers to save you money on energy is what we do. And we’re good at it. Join hundreds of other Aussie small businesses in the movement to bring group discounts to your business.

Bulk Energy for Large Market

We know large market – from tendering and timing to market to independent monitoring and dispute resolution, Bulk Energy has the industry experience to meet your needs and produce savings for your business. For businesses that use in excess of 100MWh per annum, Bulk Energy can provide an end-to-end solution, including your own relationship manager available to visit you onsite as needed and a fully independent energy monitoring service. We are competitive on our commissions and come with no hidden fees to ensure we get results for you.

Contact us today to make Bulk Energy your business energy solution. 

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Smart meters are here to stay – utilise this technology to take control of your energy consumption and save money. To learn more, call Bulk Energy today on 1300  46 2855 (1300 GO BULK), or visit


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