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The Bulk Energy story…

…it all began when some energy consultants started filing invoices on the floor…

We’ve been energy consultants for years. Every day, we pick up the phone, call our customers and ask, “Would you mind sending me a copy of your electricity bill please? :)”.

Whether or not we get the bill is a matter of life and death in this game. When we get it, we do our 100% free analysis of your rates, network charges and renewal dates – and start working on saving you money.

When we don’t get the bill, we go hungry.

So you can imagine our shock, when one day a customer sent in an invoice, and we were told, “That account is just too small”. Where did this invoice end up? Not in the shredder exactly… On the floor.

Soon, a second invoice was placed on top of it, and another, and before long there was so much paperwork piled up around us we had a moment of insight. These small accounts were being ignored by retailers and brokers alike, but collectively – this was a big opportunity!

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 How the Bulk Energy model is different:

  • We built our business to look after the little guys – we work off lower commission (but higher volumes) than many others, and keep our overheads lean.
  • The nett result is there is no upfront cost for our service (we’re paid by the winning retailer), and we don’t build any hidden fees into your contract – we take these out.
  • Where possible, we form buying groups of similar businesses to actually drive energy prices down – we call this GO BULK™.
  • We’re genuinely independent; we work with all the major energy retailers, but we don’t have a bias towards any of them – we’ll simply recommend the best deal. Every time.
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Supporting small businesses

Our model is to take small businesses, form buying groups and negotiate with the retailers to secure pricing that may otherwise have been unattainable individually; we call it GO BULK™. Bulk Energy is passionate about supporting Australian small businesses and providing them with the energy rates that had previously been reserved for the big boys. Read more about our small business (SME) service.

Energy consultants for large market

Notwithstanding we established Bulk Energy to service small business, we’re also very well qualified to service large market (C&I) accounts. If your business uses more than 100MWh per annum of electricity, contact us for a free review of your current account – we’re great at finding hidden costs – and we can advise on timing to market, tendering, metering and monitoring. Bulk Energy really is a complete solution for C&I accounts.

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To learn more about how Bulk Energy supports Australian small business to achieve substantial savings on electricity and gas call us now on 1300  46 2855 (1300 GO BULK).


Bulk Energy Blog

7 Apr 2017

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