The Bulk Energy team have been working in the electricity industry for many years, brokering energy contracts for large electricity companies. It was while they were brokering for large clients they came across thousands of customers who didn’t fit the large market usage requirement* of electricity per year. It was these clients that they couldn’t service that opened the idea of Bulk Energy.

Bulk Energy have developed a plan that enables small businesses to obtain the great energy deals that they couldn’t get on their own. They came up with a powerful model for group buying that would combine a group of businesses like your own, to negotiate with retailers and get energy deals that would save these businesses big money.

Bulk Energy aims to keep it simple and time efficient for you. So the premise of our model wasn’t to have clients sitting on the phone for long periods of time comparing possible deals, but simply getting you the best possible deal achievable and giving you the one offer.

Bulk Energy is passionate about supporting Australian small businesses and providing them with the energy rates that had previously been unattainable.

* As a general rule, if your business is being charged less than $40,000 per meter per annum for electricity, then the account is more than likely classified as “small business.”

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