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10 ways to keep your customers cool in the summer heat

10 ways to keep your customers cool in the summer heat

10 ways to keep your customers cool in the summer heat

With global temperature’s for 2015 being recorded as the hottest ever experienced in modern times it’s no wonder people are scrambling to find ways to keep cool on those 40 degree days.

But when the beach just isn’t close enough, how can you keep not only your self but your customers cool when it’s a scorcher?

Whether you operate a clothing store, a food truck or a hair salon, these 10 tips will keep the walk-by’s blowing in and your customers cool and happy during Summer:

  1. Invest in air-con


    Yeah, yeah, we know. It’s the obvious one. But a 2008 study revealed that 71% of shoppers preferred a room temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius while retail shopping.

    Turns out comfort can really impact the way a buyer thinks, and stinking hot isn’t doing them any favours.

  2. Get some fans going


    If you can’t invest in air-conditioning or you’re worried about bill blowout, (here’s one obvious solution to that little problem!) then keep that airflow moving with some simple ceiling or floor fans. Just having that breeze going could be the difference between your customers sticking around for 5 minutes or an hour.

  3. Give them some free lemonade or infused water

    Source: Pottery Barn

    What better way to get people in the door than with some enticing and refreshing thirst quenchers! Invest in an old-school beverage dispenser and keep it in full view with a little sign offering up some free cool-aid.

    Infuse some ice-cold water with cucumber and strawberry, or fill ‘er up with lemonade and watch them flock!

  4. Keep some water in a dog bowl out the front of your store

    dog parking
    Source: Pinterest

    Keeping us humans well quenched is all well and good, but what about our furry friends? Many people walking their dogs may find the nearest tap or watering hole is not as close as they thought, so when shop-keepers courteously leave some water on the footpath outside the owners are truly grateful and will remember you.

  5. Offer complimentary sunscreen

    Source: Total Beauty

    If you’re anything like me, it’s often too late when you suddenly realise you’ve just stepped into the 8th realm of hell without properly preparing with some SPF 50+.

    Offering some free sunscreen to your customers – especially those with kiddies – will go down a treat especially if you’re located outside or near a beach or a park.

  6. Get an ice cream freezer: The sweetest way to keep customers cool

    Source: Pinterest

    It’s a no-brainer – ice cream sales SKYROCKET in hot weather, so why not sweeten your business with a mini ice-cream freezer?

    Not only will you lure in some extra customers, you’ll also have your own personal reserve of ice cream whenever you want it! Two birds with one stone…

  7. Turn off the lights

    Source: Geevor Cafe

    If you’ve got traditional incandescent lighting, then you may be surprised to know that 90% of the energy emitted from an incandescent bulb is actually heat, while the remaining 10% is light. If your business operates in the daytime, take full advantage of the suns generous rays and turn off your lights. Save some energy AND keep the room cooler = keeping your customers cool too.

  8. Tint your windows

    Source: Ensia

    If you’ve got lots of windows, then window tinting might be the right choice for you. Not only does it block out the sun’s harmful UV rays, it also blocks out heat. It won’t make the room dark either – with all the tint options on the market these days you can still enjoy a sun-filled premise without the nasty extras.

  9. Ice cubes on the side, please

    Source: Pinterest

    Ever ordered a drink only to have it taste like a watered down cordial 5 minutes later? Yep, the heat will do that. Instead, give your customers a glass of ice on the side so they can drop the cubes in at their own pace and enjoy their beverage to its full potential.

  10. Be friendly!


    Last but certainly not least – in fact, this may be the most important one of all. Heat has a way of making people… well… hot and bothered. So amp up the friendliness and go the extra mile to make your customers feel comfortable. By engaging with your customers, you’re keeping the focus on you and not on the weather. A good conversation can make all external forces feel like nothing but a passing breeze. Ahhh… isn’t that nice.



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